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Congratulations to President-Elect Donald J Trump.

(2016 is quite a year, it seems.)

Trump didn't quite win a popular-vote plurality, but his strategy for winning a solid electoral college majority succeeded straightforwardly (flipping Wisconsin and Ohio and Pennsylvania and maybe Michigan, with much stronger support from the white rural and small-town working class than Romney) and Clinton's failed straightforwardly (the previous plus failing to hold Florida, failing to flip Georgia or North Carolina or probably Arizona, with weaker support among blacks and Hispanics than Obama).

Trump was conciliatory in his brief victory speech, with a focus on infrastructure spending and education, issues where there's certainly some common ground. I'm skeptical of claims that President Trump will be presidential in ways that candidate Trump was not, but to the extent that I took his failure to "pivot" in the general election as evidence against, I have to take his victory speech as evidence for. (Really weak evidence, it's easy to be magnanimous in victory. But still.)

Nate Silver had it right (well, the polls had it wrong, but he had a pretty clear idea about the particular way in which it could be wrong and he was right to not be over-confident). Michael Moore had it right (moreso, I think, than Scott Adams, who focuses on Trump's persuasion ability, though he's not entirely wrong about that). Sam Wang of the Princeton Election Consortium is stuck eating his words among other things.

The Party of Trump has had their victory and now will, having earned the privilege, (presumably) once again actually have to try to govern. I can only hope that good things come of it. Perhaps they'll even give some of Obama's ideas a go now that making him a one-two-term president is no longer their number-one priority.

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Thanks for that Michael Moore piece. Best analysis I've read yet.

Off-topic (somewhat), I responded hastily and not well to the comment you posted last at AA. I'm thinking about another response, but this one in the form of another episode. Would you be okay with that?

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Yeah, that was kinda what I wanted to address. I think I was referring to X, while you were referring to Y. Hey, at least we were both kinda discussing the alphabet.

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And really, shouldn't the title of this post be



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I feel ya, man.

On a completely unrelated note, I am surprised at how difficult it is to find people to voice the "great". Hrab and KMO were great, but that's it, so far. I'm going to grab the new portable recorder and wander the neighborhood, if the Time Of Want continues.

You wanna be "great"?

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Bah. It'll give the stinger what the art critics call "verisimilitude." And hey, you've earned it!