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I'm done with work for the semester! Yeah!
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I am feeling the sensation of sudden deceleration as my school-related work suddenly approaches zero.

SCOPE - Expo presentation (next week)
Software Systems - Final (Friday)
OSS - Record video of software demo (Wednesday)
Japanese - DONE

So I'm totally free tomorrow!
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Gave blood yesterday, had a cavity filled today. Wrapping up work along with the medical stuff.

Sketchy cab-driver guy apparently thinks Barack Obama is "communist", "anti-semetic", "arrogant", and "unelectable". Seems ludicrous to me, but I hope this doesn't represent the opinion of the "average American voter". Scott Adams seems to think it does (more or less).

Things left to wrap up:
SCOPE - Report, expo presentation, code walkthrough
OSS - Code cleanup, video demo
Software Systems - Final project report, final exam
Japanese - Final exam
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4 weeks remain. Brandeis is off next week for Passover, and Monday is off for Patriot's Day, so this week should be a bit easier.

The weather has been beautiful, and I spent quite a while today walking around Brookline with Sarah.

Today's seder was good, too. It was my second seder in a row that had an environmental theme. I thought this one was laying it on a little heavy, though. Passover is one of the few Jewish rituals I really enjoy, so I sort of wish my extended family favored a somewhat less liberal version.
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The following is only relevant to the programmers on my friends list, probably...

So, did you know that Java has syntactic sugar for iterating over a collection? So you can write this:
for (SomeType item: stuff) {
    // code here
Instead of:
for (Iterator<SomeType> iter = stuff.iterator(); iterator.hasNext();) {
    SomeType item = iter.next()
    // code here
I didn't until recently. When did that happen? Was that not around when I was first learning Java?

Despite that, I'm feeling more competent Java-wise lately. I feel that I finally understand the JNI (how to use it, anyways). I even got a C++ API for the multitouch hardware I'm using to play nicely with some Java code.
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Vacation status: COMPLETE

Hanging out with friends was fun, despite some setbacks. Markos wanted to go to a late-night movie Friday night, but we were late and then Markos got his car stuck in the snow (yeah, it was snowing hard the last night of spring break >_<). Fortunately, some passing guy had tow cables in his SUV.

My trip back to Olin was fine, except for a persistent stomach ache. Still, I slept quite a bit on the train and got some reading done, too.

Work-wise, I stayed on top of my Japanese and SCOPE, although I'm behind on my Software Systems project and OSS.

I've bought a somewhat larger HD for my laptop and cloned my old one by using dd from Linux. Not sure if a clone from a currently running drive will work, but it seems like it was successful... Repartitioning now to gain use of the newly-purchased free space (writing this post from the library).
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School-wise, things progress as usual. Work is ramping up a bit (starting on my final project for Software Systems, designing and programming a Linux shell), but I'm still keeping afloat, more or less.

This Saturday there was the Mexico party at Man Hall, celebrating the end of their recent double-secret probation. It was fun, and quite an amazing crowd showed up (more than the whole student population by a significant number).

Second Candidate's Weekend was fun, too, although I didn't have much time to interact with the candidates. I really enjoyed FWOP's production of Into the Woods, though.
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Finally, I have time for a post!

Japanese is going well. I really do need to brush up on the fundamentals of vocab and grammar, so the class is moderately challenging (save for kanji). I'm getting quite a bit of practice in writing and much more conversation practice than I got last semester. The teacher kind of scares me though, she's intense.

Software Systems is easy so far. We're learning C and studying operating systems. Incidentally, that brings the list of languages I've used to C++, Java, Python, Lisp, Scheme, PHP, Perl, and C, plus BASIC, Logo, and HyperScript if you want to count ancient history.

OSS is starting off all right. I'm beginning to gather materials for my studies.

SCOPE looks like it will be a lot of fun this semester. We're jumping out of the ideation phase and into the rapid prototyping / development phase, and we've already started on GUI framework development in Processing, which is sweet.

I got a sweet new camera, too, so you should be seeing more pictures here in the future.
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So, evidently I decided that having no morning classes was just too pleasant, so I'm rectifying the situation by adding a Brandeis class that meets every morning.
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I am no longer sick. The part of Mystery Hunt I was well for was quite fun. I crashed at Pika on Saturday night and returned to Olin Sunday evening. Monday was relaxing, and today was the start of my last semester. I'm thinking about adding a Japanese class to my schedule, even though that would mean getting out to Brandeis every morning (Ginneh is also taking Japanese at Brandeis this semester). I'll be going there tomorrow morning for the placement test, so I'd better get to sleep fairly soon.
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The past weekend was awesome. Friday night was dinner at the Chabbad with JOO, then Pogo's birthday party. Saturday night was the Heaven and Hell party at Man Hall, and they really outdid themselves on food and decorations. So I definitely over-indulged my gluttony that weekend...

Less than three weeks to break. Three final papers to finish.

I have housing for break now, I'll be staying in the Olin enclave near Porter Square.
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I keep meaning to write a journal entry, then I keep putting it off...

Thanksgiving Break was great. Hanging out with Cleveland peoples, good food (including fresh salsa made by my brother, Corky and Lenny's, IHOP, and delicious Thanksgiving dinner), a rare session of DnD, lots of sleep... I feel rested for the first time in ages.

I had to pay for my train ticket back twice because I either misplaced the tickets for my way back or never got them in the first place. Either way, I was never told that I was supposed to get my tickets for both ways at once. I called Amtrak customer service, and the guy there was either a robot, extremely thick, or just very good at his job as a bureaucracy-enforcing cog. There are advantages to Amtrak, but they certainly don't trail the airlines in terms of hostile customer "service". Anyways, their customer relations people can't give refunds (so they say), so I'm considering writing an angry letter to their headquarters in DC. Probably nothing will come of it, though, so I'll just have to deal with losing the sixty bucks. Still cheaper than flying...

I helped Ginneh with her resume on Monday night, which reminded me why I hate Microsoft Office. OpenOffice may be an approximate clone, but it does seem to avoid some of the more stupid implementation details.

I took up FF XIII again, and it's been eating time I can't afford. Been reading, too.

Still trying to figure out housing for over break, still have lots of work to finish up. I'm going to be plenty busy.
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I have a job in Boston for all of winter break. And I may have a job after graduation, but I haven't heard back on that yet. Holding my breath on that one.

Friday, I played Portal. The main game is short (about 3 hours or so), and every minute is absolutely great.

Saturday evening, I went to The Comedy Studio with Wellesley peoples.

I've been working really hard on AHS Capstone, which is due this Friday. Plus side is I won't have to worry about it over Thanksgiving.

One week to go. Seriously, time flies.
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The weekend was good. The conference was very interesting. I also saw FWOP's production of Picasso at the Lapin Agile, which was quite excellent.

I have a job interview on Friday for ITA Software, a phone interview a week from then for The Open Planning Project, and my information is in to Google, so all is going well on the job search front.

I bought some business-casual clothes, too, so I'm not lacking that anymore. This Friday's interview is casual dress, though.

My first SCOPE design review is tomorrow.
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It's been an odd, downcast week on campus.

That aside, I'm doing all right. I've been extremely busy. I'm feeling a bit better about AHS Capstone since I got my provisional thesis written and made some progress on my project proposal. SCOPE is still frighteningly open-ended.

Yesterday there was a "Campus Day of Service" run by Boston Cares (local volunteer organization). I and a bunch of my fellow Oliners ended up clearing brush at a park near Reservoir station.

The weekend was fairly productive, and I'm still managing to get exercise in every day.
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It looks like it's shaping up to be the busiest semester yet. Whether it will beat fall of last year for stress remains to be seen, but hopefully I'll be able to keep things under control. About classes:

In SCOPE, I'm on the Nortel Team with Duc, The Connor, Anthony, and Chris S. The project is something about "tele-togetherness" (like some kind of tele-conferencing for senior citizens?). I'll let you know more details when (and if) I have more details that I can share.

I'm getting started on my AHS capstone, and I think I'll have some interesting stuff to look into. Prof. Jacobson (Brandeis professor who taught "Social Relations in Cyberspace") has officially agreed to mentor my project. Most likely, my final deliverable will be research papers of some sort.

Advanced Japanese at Babson is going quite well. Looks like most of the grammar will be review for me this semester, but I'm getting some new vocab and kanji, and the extra practice is very helpful. My textbook was quite expensive (I couldn't get it quickly for cheap this time), but seems to be pretty good (if a bit overly formal / textbooky).

Sustainable Design could be interesting, although I'm not sure I'm looking forward to the design projects. Ben Linder is an awesome teacher, though, so the class will probably be good.

Also, I've been trying to get on a normal sleep schedule. Currently, I'm going to bed around midnight (trying to work it back) and waking up at 6:30 to exercise with my suitemates before class. It's uncomfortably early, but one heck of a way to wake up. Hopefully, that will help me get into better shape, too.

Bedtime now.

School News

Sep. 1st, 2007 02:19 am
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The convocation on the summer reading (Ship of Gold in the Deep Blue Sea) was quite good, although the book itself was meh.

We also just received word that all our degree programs have been accredited by ABET, which means we are a fully accredited school now.

Intro to SCOPE was all right, although I wasn't incredibly excited about any project in particular. More about that once I know what project team I'm on.
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Aside from sleeping late, I've been fairly productive lately. I have new shoes and glasses, I've updated my resume, got my banking errands done, and I've figured out my schedule for the fall (the class I was going to for my AHS capstone was canceled, so I'm back to doing a capstone project). That last item still worries me a bit, but I think everything will work out all right. I'm looking forward to getting back to Olin, though I'm not sure I'm looking forward to having to get up at a more normal houruse. I'm trying to make the most of my last bit of summer vacation.
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