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Last year, I had this recurring stress dream, where I was cross-registered for a class (at MIT, I think), but I was too tired to make it too class or do any of the work or even look up any of the assignments (this rather scary aware-but-unable-to-move feeling). Sometime last week, I had a dream in which I looked at my grades, and saw that I had gotten a C in that class. (I don't know what to think of that ending, except it's funny...)

Huh... I wonder what these guys will do now that the world has failed to end...

DDR is a pretty good cure for random depression. Feeling bad when things are going well sucks...
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Today was my last day of work. My internship started off rough (bureaucratic mixups, culture shock, sudden change of the project I was working on), but it ended pretty well. People were interested in my prototype, it looks like my project will be turned into something useful for IBM, I learned a ton, made some money, and my performance review was all right (not great, but all right).

Tomorrow evening, I head back to Olin. Thursday, I've got classes (*sigh*). I'm all packed, and my apartmentmates are clearing out, too. The apartment doesn't have internet anymore, so I'm writing this in the MIT arcade.

The past week has been pretty good. On Sunday, I saw 13 (Tzamati) (a film noir thriller) with the Boston Sunday Night Film Club (that was fun, it was a pretty good movie). On Monday, I listened to an acappella performance in Lobby 7 (the acoustical properties of that space are amazing, and the group performing was really talented).

What else did I do this week... I had some tea at Bojau (sp?), so I think I've eaten at every cafe in Davis Square (unless you think Dunkin Donuts is a "cafe"; I say they don't count). I ate some good Indian food. I went into Nick's Famous Roast Beef and had a small heart attack (it was tasty). I beat Saints Go Marching on Heavy. I continued reading the "Beggars" Trilogy by Nancy Kress (very good sci-fi).

All in all, I think this has been a pretty good summer.
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I finally beat DXY! on Heavy. And I got farther than before on So Deep (I can read and do the steps, now, but I don't have the endurance to make it through the whole song).

I've been reading a lot of books by Cory Doctorow lately. Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom was very good. The Bitchun Society (the future society of the book) is radical, nifty, and weird, centering around technologies like a reputation-based currency and immortality by cloning and backup.

Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town (which I'm currently in the middle of) is substantially weirder. The main character's father is a mountain and his mother is a washing machine, and the level of strangeness doesn't really go down substantially from there. (Also, why the heck is this categorized as science fiction? It's fantasy. It doesn't even span the genres. Yes, there is the aforementioned washing machine, and one of the subplots has to do with wireless routers, but those passed out of the realm of science fiction a while ago. (That was a rhetorical question, since I know it's because Doctorow is labeled as a "science fiction author". Still...))
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It's been a long week. At work, my mentor was away on vacation, and I spent most of the week feeling tired and congested. I still managed to get a lot done, though. And drinking good tea at the Someday Cafe was really nice (the Someday is great, especially because they serve Tosci's ice cream; unfortunately, they're closing soon).

Today, I saw Who Killed the Electric Car?, an excellent documentary. Three comments: See it; GM's executives are greedy and traitorous scum; and perhaps we can solve our energy problems by running a turbine off of Jimmy Carter spinning in his grave (edit: okay, so he's not dead yet, but still...).

Anime: I finished Stellvia (a good "kids in space" anime) and My-Otome (not as cracktastic as Mai-HiME, but still pretty darn cracktastic). I checked out Paranoia Agent and some more Monster from the anime club library, so that should be a good deal less cheerful. Anime club was more of the same plus Cromartie High School (a strange, silly anime about high school delinquents (with robots!)).

DDR: Beat Burning Heat on Heavy!

Sleep now.
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I haven't done a links post in a while, and I've got a bunch of accumulated niftiness to share. To start with, here are some videos for your viewing pleasure:

First, there's the trailer for Valve's new puzzle game Portal. I can't wait for this one to come out, it's full of mind-bending goodness.

Second, here's the trailer for Mass Effect, a revolutionary state-of-the-art RPG from BioWare (or so it seems). If it's half as good as the demo makes it look, I may have to shell out the cash for an XBox360.

Third, here's a short clip entitled This Explains EVERYTHING. It does.

Fourth, an excellent Pump It Up freestyle routine by a dude called Smidget. Pure awesome.

Finally, here's one of the funniest things I've seen all summer. If you're a Monty Python fan, watch it.
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On Friday, I went to anime club. They started a bunch of new series, including Kodocha (likely to cause cardiac arrest in large doses) and Hare+Guu (surprisingly awesome).

On Saturday, I played DDR at MIT. The arcade was crowded with ninjas and other assorted randoms. I can't seem to beat End of the Century (on Heavy) or Healing Vison: Angelic Mix anymore, so I'll have to get back into practice.

On the train home today, I ran into a girl who seemed really familiar for some reason. I introduced myself, trying to figure out where I knew her from. Apparently, I don't. However, she (her name is Shlomit (Shulamit?; sp?)) was in the movie Hineni: Coming Out in a Jewish High School. (I haven't seen that movie, but I'm certain someone mentioned it to me recently.) We had a brief convesation about Judaism and books; I reccomended Telushkin's Jewish Wisdom, and she reccomended Schachter-Shalomi's Jewish with Feeling.

Aside from that, my life has been fairly uneventful...

Settling In

Jun. 4th, 2006 11:18 pm
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It was nice seeing some of my Cleveland friends, and now I'm back in Boston.

Reading over the course of my trip:Today, I moved in to my apartment, played some DDR (got a B on Rhythm and Police on Heavy), joined MITSFS (almost as overwhelming book-wise as the New England Mobile Book Fair), bought some groceries (got a Shaw's card), and prepared for my job. I got my T pass, but, unfortunately, my PS2 was delivered while I was away and they require a signature in person (at least it wasn't too early; I've still got a week to pick it up at the depot).
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Unfortunately, Sarah seemed to suffer a run of bad luck today. She ran into her ex (who she hasn't seen in years) at our hotel in Aurora (crazy coincidence, eh?) and ran (the car) into a pillar in a parking garage (a mitigated disaster in that the damage was only cosmetic (and only to the car)).

On the other hand, the day also contained much excellence:
- Good food
- Interesting conversations
- Hanging out with Nate (who we ran into (figuratively) on the highway yesterday, for another crazy coincidence and a rather spectacular loss of the Olin Challenge)
- Getting the AC in the car fixed (unfortunately, that also counts as bad luck for Sarah, as she was the one paying for that)
- Seeing X-Men: The Last Stand (which was awesome)
- Meeting [livejournal.com profile] _skye_ et al for some DDR (and similar games: Pump It Up and In the Groove)

The Obligatory Group Picture )
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Yesterday evening: Watched Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence. Incredibly pretty. More obscure literary references and existentialist / nihilist / just plain weird philosophy than action, but if you don't mind that, it's well worth watching (especially if you enjoy Ghost in the Shell).

DDR: A on "Take it to the Morning Light", B on "Insertion", A on "Rhythm and Police" (all on Heavy).

Today: Psych appointment, far too much music, got a lot of work done, too.

Started in on The Communist Manifesto. Rob's undying love for the Norton Critical editions of everything seems to be justified.

I edited my last entry, as I originally copied the list wrong. I will indeed be reading Beyond Good and Evil as my sixth book (assuming it gets approved, and that I'm able to stay in the class).
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I adjusted the radiator in my room so that the room won't be boiling hot in the mornings anymore. Unfortunately, that means that the room is freezing tonight. Maybe once I get that drafty window fixed... (I've done some weatherproofing, but that isn't enough.)

Yesterday: More hibernation. Helped on the MIT Mystery Hunt a bit, but not really.

This afternoon, I went to Parmatown Mall with Melissa to play DDR (taking a train to Tower City and then a bus; just as well, since things are pretty icy). A handful of other people were playing, but the place wasn't crowded. It's amazing how out-of-practice I can get after only a few weeks of not playing that game. Still, it was a lot of fun.

For dinner, I was in the mood for something on the fancier side. After considering a few places somewhat outside of my price range (Melissa: "It's dark in here. That means it's too expensive.") we ended up eating at the Houlihan's at Tower City. The food was awesome. Probably excessive description of said food... )

All in all, an awesome day.
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Beat Orion 76 (Civilization Mix), Matsuri Japan, and Rythm and Police on Heavy. W00t!
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I am done with work for the semester. Done, done, done! W00t!

Evening: Talked to Jenny, played We *Heart* Katamari, then played DDR Max on Heavy for an hour and a half (almost continuously; beat some new songs, too, including Healing Vision (Angelic Mix)).

(Three more days and I'll be home!)


Dec. 13th, 2005 02:30 am
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Horrible: POE project crashed and burned (metaphorically), still hosed, still crazy, worked all day.

Great: DDR Extreme 2, talking to Jenny.

The last seems to counterbalance any amount of badness in a day.

I can't wait for break. Less than two weeks, now.

Ninja Frosh

Sep. 4th, 2005 01:27 am
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I took the train in to MIT today to participate into a training LARP for the new guild members ("Thieves-R-Us Standard Training", run by Phaeton).

I stopped by the arcade a little before the game. Eric was there at the same time, so we played a few games of DDR on versus. Even had an audience, as there was a fairly large group just watching and singing along with the lyrics. So that was fun.

The LARP was pretty fun, too, but an overenthusiastic frosh injured someone during combat, then ninja-rolled into my shin while demonstrating the aforementioned occurrence. My leg still hurts. I have a bit of a headache, as well...

What's-her-name (the one who played Starke?) seemed really angry at me, too. I wonder what was up with that... I guess I was annoying; I still talk far too much...
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Got a lot of work done today. I fell into a coding trance and was at the office until 10:45.

Played a bit of DDR, too. Beat Insertion and Matsuri Japan Re-venge on Heavy.

Meme, for no reason... )

That's all.
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Friday afternoon was anime club. Watched Memories, which was really awesome.

I spent Saturday afternoon playing DDR with other Anime Club members, then we went and got sushi. In the evening was Orange Tours, which I frobbed myself into on the pretense of being a frosh. The tour was to mostly places I'd already been, but the Jacks did a very good job, and the stories were pretty entertaining. I ate breakfast at Random at about 3:30 in the morning and was asleep before dawn.

I spent most of today sleeping. Spent some time in the arcade in the evening.

In the news, Katrina is coming on strong, a change from earlier predictions which stated that gulf oil production would be left high and dry. Oil is hovering around $70. More alarmingly, New Orleans may be facing massive destruction. (The city is currently being evacuated. I hope everyone gets out okay...)

Can't Think

Aug. 4th, 2005 09:30 pm
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Yesterday, I stayed after work to watch a movie with some coworkers. Noises Off. It was good; quite funny...

I've been watching some anime this week. NieA_7 ("NieA Under Seven") is amusing...

Today, though, today I've been out of it, all day. Couldn't focus well at work, walked home, picked up some child's toy, this stuffed animal/alien/thing with floppy ears and a yellow plastic clip (to clip it to a stroller, presumably) sitting out in the middle of the pavement of the parking lot near CoGen. I picked it up on impulse, clipped it to a door handle in First East.

Watched a large spider spinning a web acrobatically in the First East lounge (the one near Patti's room).

I went to the student center for some dinner and DDR (I'm in the arcade now...). Dinner was good (mozzarella, tomato, and basil on a sub; coffee ice-cream for desert). DDR, well, I can't follow the steps so well. Like I said, I'm out of it.
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This weekend has been pretty good.

Yesterday evening was "Fade to White", an action/horror LARP run by Carl Stern, the guild's best GM. Unfortunately, I wasn't cast, but the game was still a lot of fun to watch, especially the NPC ultimate spirit of retribution, who provoked some rather amusing scenes (Phaeton: "Guys, just so you know, alcohol is awesome! Uh, spirit? I didn't mean that!").

Today, I ate breakfast at Picante (if a meal eaten at 3:00 PM can be called "breakfast"; but I've been eating on a weird schedule, my previous meal had been buffalo chicken at just after midnight), and the food was good even though their hot salsa wasn't really hot. I bought some food at Star, had a session of DnD, and played some DDR (I beat Can't Stop Falling in Love (Speed Mix) on Heavy).
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Today was a pretty normal day, except Patti was under the weather (and by weather I mean vast stormclouds of (hopefully not contagious) doom). Work has been very busy.

I ate dinner at Cinderella's (their calzones are awesome), and played some DDR in the arcade with Chris.

A few links to share:
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So, the Battle Royale LARP is finally running tomorrow (after failing to get off the ground twice earlier in the year). A bunch of average MIT students head out on the Assassins' Guild field trip, and, well, if you've seen the movie, you know where the plot will go from there. The game ought to be pretty crazy, so I'm looking forward to it.

(On a completely unrelated note, I beat Tsugaru on Heavy. W00t!)
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