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Last weekend, we went to Lubbock to visit Julie's folks. Erica got to spend some quality time with her grandparents and get in another visit with her great-grandma. We also took her to see the animals at the South Plains Fair. Scott (Julie's dad) made homemade paella, which was really good! Was nice to get in some good times with family.

This week work was quite busy. Wednesday I went out to the Olin campus for the fall career fair. I love helping with campus recruiting, it's always great to get back to Olin and see the current crop of students, they always really seem to have it together. It's strange to be so far removed from undergrad, still feels like not that long ago. (Enjoyed the lunch, too. The Olin dining hall is now run by Rebecca's Cafe instead of Sodexo, and that seems to be a big improvement.)

Speaking of Olin, I've also been reading a book by one of my Olin profs, A Whole New Engineer, about Olin and Olin's collaboration with the iFoundry at the University of Illinois. Pretty interesting so far. While I already knew a lot of the background about Olin, I didn't know much about the iFoundry program, which seems to be an attempt to replicate some of Olin's successes with a small, low-budget program at a much larger university.

This weekend was mostly pretty quiet. I managed to play a bit of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided on Saturday (worth the time, though I stayed up a bit later than ideal). Sunday, went to Octoberfest in Harvard Square, which was for some reason not postponed to the rain date despite pouring rain. The weather was pretty lousy, but I don't regret trying to make the most of it since it got me out of the house. Erica napped in her stroller and I enjoyed a little bit of the music (though from a bit of a distance; Erica's ability to sleep through brass bands, while impressive, is not unlimited).

I took down the AC yesterday, just in time. So much easier when I get to it while the weather is still dry.

Of course, I've also been following the presidential election with great interest. Looking forward to the second debate tonight (will probably brave the weather to watch that in company instead of streaming it at home). Though I'm also looking forward to this whole thing being over. (How much crazier can it get in less than a month?)

Erisitic improvements: Erica is eating a bit more adult food (she really liked having some of Julie's scrambled eggs this morning), she's more interested in playing with blocks (though not yet up to nesting or stacking, mostly just hitting together or knocking down), she seems to be understanding some words (maybe???), she's more visibly interested in hearing people read aloud (though she doesn't yet follow along or turn the pages or pay attention to specifics).
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A Death in the Family: Julie's grandfather died two weekends ago, at the age of 99. No matter how much time, it's never enough. It seems this has been a really rough year for Julie's mom. We're going to Lubbock to spend some time with the family this coming weekend.

Some Ingress Travels: Also two weekends ago, we went on a brief New York trip with some Ingress teammates, taking part in a challenge associated with the latest series of game events, challenging players to visit points of interest they haven't visited before. It was a fun trip, and we managed to return home unexploded.

There was an Ingress live event in Toronto last weekend, and while we didn't make it out to that one, we helped out from Boston. There's one defensive mechanic that can be done at a distance in Ingress, and while the mechanic itself is the boringest gameplay ever, it does help those teammates who actually made it to the event win their battles (on the defense, anyways), and it's something that can be done while you hang out with local teammates and spectate.

Extended Family: Uncle Marvin and Aunt Anita were in from the other coast, so I had the chance to introduce them to Erica. Got together with extended family and celebrated my cousin Amy's engagement to her long-time boyfriend Josh. Many congratulations to them!

A Bit of Magic: The prerelease for the latest Magic: The Gathering set, Kaladesh was last weekend, and I played in one of the prerelease tournaments at Pandemonium Books and Games in Cambridge. Fantastic set, with a great setting and very interesting mechanics (a lot of surprises on that front, the mechanic I most confidently expected did in fact appear on one cycle of cards, but that ended up being a small (though really cool) part of the set). The games were very fun, and despite a few blunders I won three of my four matches.

Eris Meets Baby: Another infant has started at Erica's daycare. She seemed to be acting friendly towards the baby when I've seen them together, but I heard reports that the first week or two involved some pangs of jealousy, especially when the new kid was receiving a bottle of milk or was being held by the caretakers. They tell me that Erica has been very vocal By coincidence, the new kid's dad works at the Wyss, so he's one of Julie's colleagues.

Roof Repairs: The building across the way had its 30-year roof repairs last fall (shortly after we moved in). The same for our building was planned for this year, a bit of emergency repair (though not in our unit) was required last winter. The work was completed last weekend. Really glad to have that done before the winter! The work wasn't too much of a bother (and was never too loud inside the building), but there was one day when the workers were running a really loud compressor outside and Erica really didn't like that sound. (The only other noises I've seen bother Erica that much were a cheering crowd and those high-powered hand dryers.)

Eristic Improvements: The kid now has an insatiable drive to explore. On the plus side, that means she can spend hours entertaining herself while I get chores done. On the minus side, that means she's finding new ways to get in trouble. She's really energetic, up until the moment when she's suddenly super-tired and super-cranky. Seems to have some renewed difficulty falling asleep: She wants to stay up and play more, plus teething continues. Starting the toothbrushing routine.
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Julie and I went to Portland, Maine this past weekend for a mini-vacation to play in one of the latest Ingress anomalies on Saturday. All I could've asked for: Excellent gameplay, hanging out with some of our Ingress-playing friends (especially Ian and Ben, who were kind enough to let us join their carpool), victory for the green team, wandering around in some lovely weather, and delicious things to drink and eat (more lobster roll!). We did get through the 12 (of 24) courses needed to get the badge for participation in Sunday's Ingress Mission Day event (completing 13 in all), but I'm a bit envious of our teammates who had time to do the entire set. Ah well. Plenty did the minimum who didn't have a kid in tow. Erica seemed to enjoy the excitement and crowds and the stroller tour of the city.

Was fun to see people react to the event, especially one particular kid who seemed struck by the realization that he had to start playing this Ingress thing immediately. His mom helped him download the game, and he'd worked his way through the tutorial, asked the anomaly players lots of questions about the gameplay, and was well on his way to level three before our paths diverged. Must've been an interesting experience, given that the live events have the game in its most chaotic state! I wonder if he'll stick with it, but either way, it's always fun to help a new player give the game a try.

Unfortunately, our Portland acquaintances recently decamped for a different Portland, so we didn't get the chance to see them on this trip. We'll have to visit Oregon sometime as well.

This week, my family is in town. On Friday, my sister is getting married! All the congratulations to Melissa and Elliott! The wedding and subsequent weekend with family will be at a vacation home in Newry, Maine, so that should also be a nice getaway.
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This past week, I was home sick from work Monday, and I've continued to be under the weather since. Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow? Or eventually? The week was fairly eventful. Work, and generally not getting as much done as I'd like.

The handyman finally caught up on his own backlog and start on the babyproofing-related work at our place. So our place now features cabinet latches and stair gates, ahead of the kid really being able to get away from us. Also added brackets for our AC units, so that we can install them and remove them again without dropping them out of the narrow windows.

Julie's readying for another round of interviews.

The weather remains unpleasantly hot and humid.

I played a bit of This is the Police (which will be coming out for public release soon). I see why many reviewers are characterizing it as an interesting failure, but the game's story strikes me as interesting so far, and it's indeed interesting how it uses its mechanics in service of its story and aesthetic.

Eristic improvements: Eating solid food in earnest now, first tooth, floor sitting (though not sitting up), more pre-crawling exercises.

ETA: Also, forgot to mention that the kid had her physical last week. Just over 19 pounds now.
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Last weekend: Just about perfect. I got in some relaxation, played To the Moon (a charming little indie-RPG, very light on gameplay mechanics), went to the latest Magic: the Gathering prerelease (and went 4-0!), and Julie took me out for a special dinner at Bergamot.

This week: Nothing eventful. Mostly just trying to stay out of the heat. It's been extremely hot, and as a result I've been extremely tired.

This weekend: Olin summer party in Somerville!

In the news:

The RNC happened in Cleveland, and I was glad to hear that went largely without incident. The Republicans are officially the Party of Trump now, it seems. Cruz showed up to emphasize that he wouldn't endorse Trump to his face (2020 guyz!), while many former presidents and current legislators were conspicuously absent. Most notably, Governor Kasich didn't show up to the RNC in his own state (though evidently he put in an appearance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame down the street).

Was Kasich really offered the VP post and was that offer really worded the way anonymous Kasich adviser claims? I don't even know what to believe at this point.

Trump's actual VP choice was unexpectedly uninteresting, Pence is a sitting governor and seems to be a good public speaker. Clinton followed suit by picking Tim Kaine, not a surprising pick, but a reasonable one.

Most interesting bit of convention reporting: This essay on a convention party hosted by gay anti-feminist and professional troll Milo Yiannopoulos. Most interesting thing about the convention itself: Trump's acceptance speech, mainly in thinking about what a Trump presidency might actually be like. Best moment in general: Jon Stewart's guest appearance on Stephen Colbert's Late Show.

Next week: Wikileaks (and everyone else) will try to shake up the DNC.
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Unlike previous years, this year's trip to Sandy Island Camp wasn't a digital hiatus. I didn't leave my phone at home this time. For one thing, I wanted to have the camera, and for another, I was driving and wanted to bring the phone for nav. But unless I'm really committed to taking a complete break from the internet (and I wasn't), I won't do it, so I spent a lot of my time at camp listening to podcasts or huddled in the shadow of the internet shed.1

But it did mean a lot of time to relax, particularly as the kid had two grandparents and an aunt who wanted to make the most of quality time. Early on, it was, "Can I watch the baby? Change a diaper? Take her for a walk?" Sure, if you insist! Later in the week, it was more like the kid would just vanish and I'd look up and think, "Where did the baby go?"

Eris is still determinedly working on improving her mobility. This makes her extra interactive, but also extra tired and hungry. Introducing her to new foods is fun, and she eats not nearly as messily as I would have expected. Aside from rice cereal, we've gotten in some banana (her favorite) and plain yogurt (which she also liked).

I did manage to get in a bit of reading at camp (though I notably did not read any books from start to finish):

Piketty's Capital - I started reading this at Sandy last summer, planned to find some time to finish it during the year, and failed to do so. It's pretty interesting, though, as a historical account of the conditions that caused inherited fortunes to dominate the landscape of wealth in Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries and why those conditions were notably absent for much of the 20th century. It's also interesting as a bit of futurism that predicts a return to low growth, extreme wealth inequality, a shrinking middle class, and the reemerging dominance of inherited fortunes. The last part, concerning policy recommendations, will be of interest to liberals, horrifying to libertarians, and probably politically infeasible in any case. Still, I agree with Bill Gates that the book is worth your time if you're interested in the topic.

Haidt's The Righteous Mind - Started this book some time before camp. This book's subtitle "Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion" promises more than the book delivers, and Haidt has blind-spots you could drive a truck through, and for all that he notes that he's a former liberal, Haidt seems to think that some of the moral intuitions he cites are absent from liberal politics instead of employed in different ways. Still, it's not bad as a pop-science book about moral psychology.

(If the author's name sounds familiar, Haidt has most recently gotten a lot of attention for writing conservative "what's wrong with the kids these days" think-pieces, including this one in The Atlantic.)

Cities and Space: The Future Use of Urban Land - Started but haven't finished yet. A collection of essays that was a product of an academic symposium, published in 1966. Interesting so far. Notably, it leads off with an essay that predicts the main problem of urban land in the future will be its ever-declining value as transportation and communication costs trend towards zero (the author also predicts that automated freeway navigation systems will allow traffic to flow at 150 mph bumper-to-bumper).

The weather at camp was pleasantly cool, and that continued on our return. (Had to get out a jacket, unusual for July.) Julie's dad was in town for a conference, and that Sunday was my 30th birthday, so we had some fun celebratory meals. Not a bad milestone. I did seem to manage to check all the boxes just in time for the end of my 20s.

Since then, summer has once again turned on the heat.

The handyman is scheduled to do some work on the house related to baby-proofing and climate control, but that's been delayed because he's sick. Hopefully the delay won't be too long.

I've been playing Undertale, which really is as good as people have claimed. And I have played a bit of that new Pokémon game that everyone (kind of shockingly close to literally everyone) is talking about.2

Eristic improvements: Substantial increases in mobility. Maintaining pre-crawling pose, reverse-gear backwards scooting, improved rolling. I'd say the kid is almost to crawling. In fact, she just got in her first bit of what might technically be crawling, which involved taking a lot of wind-up bounces before flinging a leg forward. She's also become more talkative. Definitely making the transition from cooing to babbling, some of her vocalizations are now recognizably featuring syllables and consonants. Some improvements in skill at manipulating objects, particularly those spoons.

1. The camp office, sole source of wifi on the island. There is some cell reception but it's terrible, particularly on T-Mobile.
2. I joked that it turns out that all Ingress needed to be wildly popular was to be combined with the most successful video-game franchise of all time. Of course, that's not really a joke, and it shouldn't really be so surprising that's a winning formula. (Though I do wonder if the game will have staying power, or if its popularity will be a brief fad.)
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The last few weeks have been some mix of busy and quiet, but we did have the time to get dinner with Hannah and Mark and family (our neighbors), met with Cousin Lilah one weekend afternoon, went to The Buttery's annual birthday party. I arranged for a new house-cleaner and (with help from Julie) continued to make progress on the remaining vestiges of post-move storage cleaning.

Last weekend, I played through Read Only Memories, a cyberpunk point-and-click game. While the puzzles will seem pretty simple to fans of the genre, I thought the story and aesthetic was great (the sound design is brilliant). Really captured the colorful side of cyberpunk. Well worthwhile!

Xave's Chuubo's game continues to be fun.

The Steam summer sale is this weekend, so I now have plenty of indie-game distractions to occupy my copious spare time.

This week, my family will be in town. Week after, we'll be away at Sandy Island Camp!

Eristic improvements: Not quite crawling (very soon), eating with a spoon (rice cereal!), discovering gravity (fetch with parents, every baby's favorite game), paying more attention when we read to her.
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So I haven't really posted about my life since last week. The weekend was at least a little relaxing: My cousin Lilah visited us, had a nice Saturday brunch, ArtsUnion had a kids dance party in Union Square, I've been playing Life is Strange.

This week work is very busy, but I'm making some progress on stuff that I was a bit stuck on before I left for leave. So that's good.

I found out that CGP Grey (whose very interesting YouTube channel I've been watching for some time) has two podcasts, Hello Internet, a general discussion podcast in collaboration with the creator of Numberphile, and Cortex, a podcast on productivity and creative work in collaboration with prolific podcaster Myke Hurley. Enjoying both a lot, enough that I'm working my way through the archives.

Today I took a vacation day, but it was less leisure and more working on household tasks. Though I did take a nice stroll on the way to daycare pickup and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

New developments for the kid this week: Laughter (still infrequent, I think Lilah was the first to elicit that reaction), mimicry (maybe? probably a little, though not totally sure, but she does sometimes seem to imitate e.g. sticking out tongue), sucking on thumb (a bit more awareness of fingers generally).

(Also, I've been at Google for five years as of today. Can't believe it's been that long already!)
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This short story by [livejournal.com profile] kihou, based partially on the Nobilis spin-off tabletop RPG Beyond the Wall got me really wanting to play a similar spin-off of that game, even though the game itself doesn't fully exist yet.

I wanted to try to flesh out a bit how that would work. Note that the text below copies much of the text of the posts about Beyond the Wall wholesale, with minor modifications, in order to show that it's just that system, applied to a somewhat different setting. All I'm adding are minor tweaks to fit the setting, a bit of flavor, and some examples. All credit to Elaine "OJ" Wang who created Beyond the Wall, Jenna Moran, who created Nobilis, and the Wachowskis and everyone else who created The Matrix. (Basically, I think this is fair use, but hopefully everyone whose creative work I'm creating this derivative work based on will either think that this is awesome or at least not worth objecting to.) Somewhat obviously, I'm both twisting the system a bit to fit this setting and twisting the setting a bit to enhance the congruence. This probably only works for those a bit familiar with The Matrix (probably a lot of you) and Nobilis (probably far fewer), but I think it ends up being pretty amusing/compelling.

(For those not familiar with Nobilis, the necessary context is this: Nobillis has antagonists called the Excrucians, who believe reality is a lie and seek to destroy it. Beyond the Wall has those characters as protagonists instead. For those not familiar with The Matrix, the necessary context is that the protagonists are similarly trying to destroy what most of humanity would consider to be reality.)

Read more... )
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This weekend included the first few days without visiting family. Saturday was just a quiet day at home. Sunday we went out to play board games at Andrew's house. The early part of this week has been mostly quiet.

I did enjoy getting back to some more solitary leisure activities. I played a bit of Shadowrun: Hong Kong (late-night, while cradling the baby in the baby carrier), and Julie and I have been watching more of The Man in the High Castle.

The baby is doing well, but has been cranky on and off with a bit of a stuffy nose. Nighttime sleep patterns aren't too bad, but are highly variable.
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Very tired lately.

Olin Career Fair last week was great. I enjoyed the panel discussion. Career Fair is very lively, my voice was really tired by the end of the day.

There was an Ingress event in Boston last Saturday, a lightning-round version of the global game of keep-away that was part of the last round of events. Each team fought over 36 in-game objects, jumping them from landmark to landmark to one of their team's goals. The field was set at 20 minutes past noon, with jumps every 15 minutes from 1PM to 5. My team (the green Enlightened) fought our way to victory, 18-15. Was a good game, strategy was dynamic and interesting, and both teams brought a good crowd of players and high-level gameplay.

My mom was in town last weekend, so we got in some lunches at Google and dinner with extended family. On Sunday, we wandered into Honk! and the annual Octoberfest in Harvard Square. Very nice to have an opportunity to catch up.

Next weekend, Julie and I will be visiting her family in Lubbock.
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Housing acquired! Picking up keys tomorrow, move scheduled for mid-November.

It took an extra week due to circumstances beyond our control (some finicky details about an international deed transfer not done correctly the first time by the seller). But now it's done for real.

Stress is still wearing on me. Still, there are quite a few things I'm really looking forward to: Spending time with cousins this weekend, my mom is visiting town next weekend, there's an Ingress event in Boston next Saturday, and the weekends after that include some last-minute trips home.

I led a tech talk on interviewing at Google at Olin last week, and I'll be at Olin again for the career fair and a tech interviews panel discussion this week. I really enjoy helping out with that aspect of recruiting!

I saw The Martian on a work movie outing on Friday. The book is great, and the movie is a great adaptation. For the most part, it sticks closely to the book's plot with some judicious trimming for time. Though it does manage to make the book's over-the-top ending even more implausible, and there are a few moments where the cuts cause some of the funny bits to make less sense, or where the movie goes a little bit too far with putting viewer-friendly interfaces on everything. If you at all think you might like a story about an astronaut trying to survive being stranded on Mars, I recommend you see the movie and watch the book, in either order.
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Housing acquisition process is less of a to-do this week than last, but there's still a lot to do.

I did get some quiet time this weekend. Made pasta a la farmers market, finished reading The Magicians (pretty good twist on the magical YA genre, though the protagonist is thoroughly unlikable), and played The Last of Us: Left Behind (really good story and gameplay, for those that enjoyed The Last of Us this is more of what made that good, well worth the price of the DLC). I do like games where I can get something complete in the course of an afternoon.

I also started on Shadownrun: Hong Kong, which seems to live up to its predecessors so far (like the previous Shadowrun Returns games, it's a standalone story, not a sequel per se).

Level Up!

May. 17th, 2015 12:28 am
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Another busy week at work!

Now that it's public within the company, I can say: I got that promotion! There were celebrations this week, a cake with my name on it and everything. Relieved that my hard work paid off, and that I don't have to contend with that process again for at least a few years.

I also made it to the top-eight in the office's M:tG block limited tournament. I'm really enjoying the new set and the twist it puts in the block format (a good way to transition to the new two-set blocks).

This weekend has been relaxing so far. Caught a bit of Porchfest (a Somerville-wide outdoor music festival) and did a bit of spring cleaning.
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Pasadena trip last weekend (a side-trip for Julie, on her way to Synberc) was really good. Got to play in one of the Ingress live events (a win for our team in Pasadena, though still an overall loss for this series). Enjoyed spending some time with Sean and Morgan (my sibs-in-law), catching up with some of Julie's old friends, visiting Caltech, drinking strawberry lemonade at the Caltech Athenaeum, and seeing some of the more touristy spots in LA. Was quite a shock to go from 20 degrees to 90 in the span of a week.

Got back to work in time to wrap up some end of quarter things before heading off to PyCon in Montreal next Tuesday. And I've made further conference plans to go to the European Lisp Symposium in London the following week.

Friday, I was struck down by a horrible stomach bug (or flu or something). The worst. At least it wasn't while I was travelling.

Today, I finally got around to seeing The Golden Compass, which I'd had out from Netflix on DVD for the last far-too-many months. I'll warn those who have read the book to not expect much depth in the adaptation and those who have not to not expect a lot of hand-holding on the exposition. Honestly, I think the movie is probably about as good as a movie that adapts that book into an under-two-hours pulp-fantasy PG-13 pic could be. The pacing is very tight, they have a very talented cast, and the visual style is spectacular. I enjoyed it.
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Ingress has really taken over our social life this week. On Friday night, a group of players from our team organized to paint the town green, and Julie and I took a five-hour stroll through downtown (from 11 PM until well after 4 in the morning), with a stop for 3AM coffee and cannoli at Bova's Bakery.

This weekend, we're going to Pasadena for more Ingress and to catch up with some of Julie's Caltech friends. Then Julie's going on to Synberc and we're meeting back in Boston just in time to leave for PyCon in Monreal.

I should come up with some London travel plans, too, while Xave is there.

Busy busy.
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Today, got my first chance to play the artifact game in Ingress!

Generally, the game of Ingress is a territory-capturing game. Players ("agents") capture locations ("portals"; real-world art objects, places of significance, and other landmarks) by showing up at the actual location in real life and interacting with it in the game. They link those locations together into triangles ("fields") to capture territory for their teams. Fields add to a team's score at periodic checkpoints.

But a few events have added a side-game of "shards" or "artifacts" that travel down links between portals in the network. The shards start at various locations all over the world, each team tries to navigate them to a different target, keep-away at geographic scale.

A lengthy Ingress story... )

Long story short, that's how Julie and I ended up making a last-minute day-trip to Nantucket this weekend. Was fun, and definitely a change of pace from my busy work-week!
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PAX East was fun. Spent almost all my time on the show floor this time.

Some highlights:

The strange favorite of the show was a game developed originally for the Ouya (Android game console) by a single developer, a 2D arena combat game with ducks aptly titled Duck Game.

Knight Squad, a similarly hectic multiplayer (eight player!) game, was also crazy good.

I loved the art style of The Magic Circle. Excited to see the finished game.

Invisible Inc. was awesome and challenging. I recommend this one if you like turn-based tactics (like X-COM or the old Fallout games).

I enjoyed playing the demo for Dreadnought, which was like Team Fortress meets Battlestar Galactica. Giant spaceship combat! It's awesome.

Fate Tectonics was the quirkiest demo, a bit like Carcassonne meets Sim City.

The demo for Moon Hunters made me really glad I funded their Kickstarter. Looking forward to the completed game.

For tablet games, the "air hockey meets the four elements" game Colliding Forces was interesting and fun.

The indie game section of the expo was huge and amazing this year. I thought I'd seen all of that section of the expo, but I didn't see half of the things here.
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Intercon was this past weekend. My games were pretty fun (save for one which was cancelled on account of a cancelled flight). Plans gone wrong, angst IN SPACE, and one game set in a corporate-cyberpunk-dystopia version of the world of Game of Thrones. Plus an Iron GM game that seemed very put-together for having been written in a single weekend.

Next weekend is PAX East, which I managed to get passes to after all.

In only somewhat related news, Roll for the Galaxy (the dice game variant of the card game Race for the Galaxy) is at least as fun as its predecessor, maybe more. Good stuff!
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Snow day today. And tomorrow.

This is not a repost from last week. Or the week before. This is the snowiest winter recorded in Boston. And it's not letting up. Getting a bit more snow Thursday and Sunday, very cold into the weekend and next week.

It was a pretty good day, warm at home. Did a bit of cooking yesterday and today, got some work done, and took Julie out to dinner at Bergamot (always a fantastic meal).

Spent a lot of time with friends this weekend and played a lot of games (of which a favorite was Splendor).

On Wednesday, I'll be back at Olin running Google's table at the spring career fair.
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