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Friday: Went to one of WMBR's 50 Years of Boston Rock concert series at Cuisine en Locale at Anthony's (up on Highland in Somerville). Very cool venue. Mistle Thrush did not disappoint, all the music was great, and the sheer quantity of getting the band back together made for a fun atmosphere.

Saturday: Thomas and Melissa (friends from SCA dance) got married. Julie and I went to their wedding at St. James's Episcopal Church near Porter Square (my first time attending a church wedding ceremony). They had some cool wedding clothes (which Melissa made herself, including some really elaborate and beautiful embroidery), and there was a reception afterwards at the German-American Club in Walpole with board games and cake. (The German-American Club is a pretty cool event venue, I'd been there previously for SCA events. Aside from the usual things that would recommend a venue for large events, they have excellent beer and they're the only event venue I've seen with a cash bar that doesn't charge captive audience prices.) It was a wonderful time, and a very heart-warming occasion. Best wishes to the happy couple!

Sunday: Xave ran the game he wrote for Iron GM at Intercon again, so I had a chance to play it. Was fun.

This week is going to be busy in a good way, too. Yelp Elite fall party this evening, Rosh Hashana dinner with family on Wednesday, Fluff Festival next Saturday. The weather is getting colder and fall festivities abound!
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Intercon (live-action gaming convention) was this past weekend, and it was fun!

Friday evening, played in "Last Fair Deal Gone Down", which had a story about supernatural deals gone wrong, an evocative setting out of American folk music and blues, and the best use of in-story music in a theatrical game that I've seen. Included one character singing O Death as they attempted to ward off a supernatural ferryman, which made for a really great scene.

On Saturday, I was looking forward to playing "Heithur" since Andrew, a friend of mine, was one of the people writing/running it. I certainly liked the characters and setting (supernatural noir in a setting where Norway instead of Britain became the great power of the world). But there were some real glitches in how it was run, so I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as I'd hoped.

I really liked Xave's late-night game "Persona: Too Late" (based on the video game series, especially Persona 3 and Persona 4). Really captured the feel of the source material in a remarkable way, and ran pretty smoothly for a first run without much prior play-testing. Plus the midnight time-slot was perfect for a game set in "the Dark Hour" (lots of fantasy stories involve some supernatural place imperceptible to most, in Persona 3 that place is a supernatural 13th hour inhabited by vengeful shadows).

Also played in one of the Iron GM games (a game-writing competition where games are written from some strange set of story elements in 24 hours one weekend and then run the next) and a game based on The Thin Man movies (which wasn't very well tuned but certainly captured the setting well).
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Saturday afternoon was the Assassin's Guild X-Games, which was pretty zany (My Little Fortress: Losing is Magic was about as insane as anyone familiar with the source material would expect).

Saturday evening was the Olin Alumni party. Can't believe I'm now four years out.

Sunday, hosted a garden party at home. Guests came to help transplant seedlings and enjoy delicious snacks. Julie is the real brains behind the gardening project, so I spent most of the time running around the kitchen, but that was fun. The Grotto now has a bit of a raised bed plot in the backyard, we'll see how that grows.
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Intercon was fun this year! Played in a few games:

BloodNet - Based on this MicroProse game from '93, about what it said on the tin.

The Madrian Secret - A game with a retro sci-fi atmosphere.

Life at the Securemarket - Based on this, which you should consider reading if you like Snow Crash and the like.

Dreams of Peace, Dreams of War - League of Nations IN SPACE but despite that description played dead straight and serious (despite being mostly people talking around one table, the game managed to be tense, dramatic, and interesting).

Flew the Coop - Silly, chickens were involved.

This week and next I'm heading to PyCon for professional development, and visiting the Google HQ at Mountain View.
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Intercon: Was good. The new hotel was expensive and less conducive to socializing with other con-goers. On the other hand, the venue space was huge, which was a plus. Managed to get myself into a game Friday night despite being stuck on waitlist for the game I'd most wanted to play. Highlights included a very long tales-format (with flashbacks done as separate scenes, sort of games within the game) post-apocalyptic amnesia game, and getting to play the Borg (basically) in a game involving interstellar diplomacy.

Enjoyed this week, though it's going far too quickly. Work is crazy. I'm on the trail of a bug that's hard to replicate and is going to be terrible to test, but I'm just beginning to wrap my head around the issue, so it's fairly satisfying.

Looking forward to PAX East this weekend. Taking tomorrow off, but don't figure I'll wake up early to make the start of the day. Will be more fun if I'm rested, probably.


Mar. 9th, 2009 01:11 am
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This weekend, I went to Intercon I, which was quite good. Played five games, all were fun, three were especially excellent: Presque Vu (a sci-fi amnesia game in the same series as a game I really enjoyed last year), In Og, No One Can Hear You Scream (Technically That's a Lie) (a caveman game based on the Land of Og tabletop and 2001: A Space Odyssey, an excellent choice for the really tired on Saturday morning slot), and Shadow Over Babylon (a game of Lovecraftian horror and political intrigue set in occupied Iraq circa 2015).

I also got back in time to see the Watchmen movie with Sunday Night Film Club, which was also fun. The movie was about what I expected, was pretty good (about the same as the book with benefits unique to each), perhaps could have stood to be cut down a little bit more. I say read the book first, but it's not a huge problem if you don't.
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I'm at Intercon this weekend. Horribly nerdy, but fun. I've greatly enjoyed all the games I've played in so far (my favorite being this evening's, a story of the Last Supper (passover seder and all) set in an environmental-apocalyptic not-far-future, with elements of space colonization and time travel).

It's a relaxing break, although I really can't afford to take this much time off...

Zerg Rush!

Jul. 17th, 2006 02:21 am
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The StarCraft game was a ton of fun, despite the usual issues with it being new and complicated. The action was crazy and chaotic, but in a good way, and it was nice to have a SIK game with explicitly no plot. I like plot, but when there's plot in SIK games, it generally makes things less fun for me (generally when I think roleplaying is more important than winning and one of my teammates vehemently disagrees).

On the minus side, my allergies have kicked in and are making my life rather uncomfortable. Damn plants and their damn reproduction. *shakes fist*
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Anime club on Friday was fun. We watched Utena (postmodern), Genshiken (drop-dead hilarious and delightfully meta), and Shamanic Princess (lame and fanservice-y).

Today, I saw Thank You for Smoking (consistantly funny all the way through) and played Patrol. There was a random art festival in the middle of Davis Square, and I ran into Gavin (another Oliner).

I also recieved my birthday presents from my family (stuff off of my Amazon wishlist; Wicked (which I've been meaning to read for a while), The Age of Spiritual Machines (likewise), Jewish with Feeling (recommended to me just recently), and the Best of Wild Asparagus album (which satisfies my craving for more contra music). Thanks, and props for picking out stuff that I'm much rather own than borrow.

Tomorrow, I'm plaing in a SIK game based on StarCraft (quite possibly the most complicated game of that type ever run by the Guild).
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This week was busy, but the weekend was lousy. There were two LARPs I wanted to play in, but I was wait-listed for both and didn't get cast in either. Also, showing up meant missing other things. On Saturday, I would have something better to do if I'd checked my email half-an-hour later. On Sunday, I missed the chance to play DnD (and now that campaign is now officially dead, due to lack of interest; let the record show that I was one of the interested players).

More content-ful entry later maybe...


Mar. 5th, 2006 10:46 pm
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Intercon was great! The games:

A Question of Faith: My character quit priesthood and become an apprentice to an innkeeper after wrapping up the rest of his plot. I call that a win.

A Tale of Time Travel: Time from game start to brainwashing: About two minutes. It didn't help that I started the game with the brainwashing device on my head.

Jamais Vue: Mass amnesia FTW. As it turns out, I was the killer, but I didn't know it until halfway through game.

Divus Ex: Greece: I played Hephaestus, but it was kind of boring. Zeus got killed, so it was my second game of the weekend with dead deities.

Wizards: Six schools of wizardry vie for control of the land after the last dragon dies. There were a few bugs because the game was new, but it was still a lot of fun. A group of players from Florida were cast as the white school of magic, and they were hilarious.

Contracts: Also a first run, but amazingly polished and very fun. My character started out hunted by demons, but I still managed to succeed at all of my plot. Lots of great scenes.

I'm watching the Oscars now, even though I have work to do. Because John Stewart wins.

(From earlier in the show, two of the presenters introduced themselves, saying, "I'm Meryl Streep," "And I'm Lilly Tomlin," and I did a double-take. I wouldn't be surprised if this was funny only to me.)

Oh, and cabbies are awesome.
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I'm going to Intercon this weekend, and I've got a job interview at BBN on Wednesday.

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Well, I registered for Intercon and signed up for games. I still need to figure out transportation and so on, but I'm sure I'll manage somehow... (They've got a game based on The Pushcart War, so I'm happy about that. And they're doing an additional run of "A Tale of Time Travel", too.)
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Long day. PDA (a sort of tutorial for SIK games (high action LARP-type-things; about shooting, not acting)) was fun; Dim Sum beforehand as well.

On the minus side, I have a cold again, and I'm really tired.

Also, after the game, I got annoyed at everyone for throwing away bottles when there was a recycling bin not ten steps away. I probably just angered everyone needlessly, so I feel like a real idiot. I need to remember to think everything through. At any rate, Jim was really angry at me because I was annoying, I was really annoyed at him because he was angry. I don't know why I was so bothered by the whole deal, but I had a rather bad mental meltdown. Didn't do anything horrible, but I felt rotten and couldn't think coherently for the rest of the evening.

I need to get some sleep...

Edit: Jim, not Jay (I knew I was getting the two names confused, but I thought I had sorted it out correctly...)

Can't Rant

Sep. 13th, 2005 12:56 am
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Tired. Busy weekend. Krazny Oktyobr was nuts; I couldn't play, but it was still fun to watch. I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night.

A few things in the news deserve mention, but I'm too tired to comment on any of them. Rehnquist is not dead yet dead, which takes the pressure off Roberts, as he's now replacing the conservative Chief Justice instead of the less conservative O'Connor. "Horse Show" Brown was removed from the hurricane relief efforts, than he resigned. Halliburton has been given control of the recovery operation, so they now have (very profitable) control of a major port city. Following this to its logical conclusion just gives me a headache. But perhaps I'm being too paranoid.

One other thing going on: I got into a discussion of the problem of evil over at [livejournal.com profile] religion_etc, which turned into a prolonged discussion with [livejournal.com profile] fanha about theistic vs. secular humanist morality. [livejournal.com profile] fanha is quite an interesting and intelligent guy, although his beliefs and methods differ greatly from my own. (I find such arguments interesting, but understanding can be an odd sensation sometimes.)
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I probably won't be able to play in that LARP after all. I had talked to the GM about how I would not be at packet handout, but he forgot and gave my packet away to one of the frosh. He's apologized, but there's nothing that can be done to fix things at this point (they don't want to disappoint the frosh in question, which makes sense because it is a rush game, and the guild is looking for new members (speaking of which, I still have to pay my dues for this year...)).

On the other hand, I did work out the problems with that Wellesley class I wanted to be in, so that's fine now.


Sep. 7th, 2005 10:53 pm
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Quite busy. And I'm a bit sick today, too. Stupid cold. Summing things up quickly (although somewhat messily):

  • I went to Wellesley for that Social Psych. class; still don't know if I'll get into that.
  • In Principles of Engineering, we started on the first lab, building USB based circuits with a PIC micro-controller (PIC18F2455) and frobbing a program written in quasi-assembly (so far we've just programmed it to make an LED blink on and off, but still, I get to learn some assembly code).
  • Also, I bought Star Fox: Assault (because, dude, Star Fox, although that review has it right; it adds nothing revolutionary to the series).
Today: Blue Screens of Death and the fixing thereof, being sick, an afternoon nap, getting my wireless setup to like me again, and getting a bunch of work done (although not as much as I would have liked, what with the computer trouble and the library not having a copy of our math textbook (my copy isn't in yet)).

I'm playing in Krazny Oktybr this Saturday (it's a LARP set on a Soviet sub; think "Hunt for Red October"). I'm looking forward to it; I've heard that game is crazy fun.

Ninja Frosh

Sep. 4th, 2005 01:27 am
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I took the train in to MIT today to participate into a training LARP for the new guild members ("Thieves-R-Us Standard Training", run by Phaeton).

I stopped by the arcade a little before the game. Eric was there at the same time, so we played a few games of DDR on versus. Even had an audience, as there was a fairly large group just watching and singing along with the lyrics. So that was fun.

The LARP was pretty fun, too, but an overenthusiastic frosh injured someone during combat, then ninja-rolled into my shin while demonstrating the aforementioned occurrence. My leg still hurts. I have a bit of a headache, as well...

What's-her-name (the one who played Starke?) seemed really angry at me, too. I wonder what was up with that... I guess I was annoying; I still talk far too much...
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This weekend has been pretty good.

Yesterday evening was "Fade to White", an action/horror LARP run by Carl Stern, the guild's best GM. Unfortunately, I wasn't cast, but the game was still a lot of fun to watch, especially the NPC ultimate spirit of retribution, who provoked some rather amusing scenes (Phaeton: "Guys, just so you know, alcohol is awesome! Uh, spirit? I didn't mean that!").

Today, I ate breakfast at Picante (if a meal eaten at 3:00 PM can be called "breakfast"; but I've been eating on a weird schedule, my previous meal had been buffalo chicken at just after midnight), and the food was good even though their hot salsa wasn't really hot. I bought some food at Star, had a session of DnD, and played some DDR (I beat Can't Stop Falling in Love (Speed Mix) on Heavy).
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The Battle Royale LARP yesterday went pretty well, despite some bugs. For the most part, characters cooperated in an attempt to take down the NPC administration, but that failed when the people scouting out their headquarters were less than stealthy. Basically, the mob of good guys were poised to win at all of their plots when everyone was taken out by a combination of a paranoid poisoner, a killer robot, a crazy druggie, and the NPC marines. One character managed to escape on the boat and survive.

I don't have much else to say. The week has been good, and the weekend looks like it will be relaxing.
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