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That "before too long" from my last post is looking very soon indeed.

I deleted the few LJ communities I owned, all long inactive. (Pour one out for the Olin College LiveJournal community.)

I migrated comments on old entries to DW and disabled comments on LJ.

I set up my feeds on Dreamwidth, did a more-machete-than-scalpel pruning of my LJ friends list (removing people whose cross-posts I'm following directly on DW now and a lot of accounts that haven't updated in years). That's left the remainder of my LJ friends page very sparse indeed.

Dreamwidth doesn't (yet) support cross-posting to Facebook, but I'm trying to automate that with Zapier.
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In response to recent news of the transfer of control of LiveJournal operations to SUP Media and Terms of Service changes that clarify LiveJournal users are expected to comply with Russian censorship laws, I've migrated my journal to Dreamwidth. I plan to cross-post to LiveJournal for now. I've cancelled automatic payments for my LiveJournal pro account.

I've long been reluctant to leave LJ over one management decision or the other, and I'd still guess that these changes most likely won't have much effect on English-language LJ users. But I really don't want to lose access to my old posts, so better to be proactive about it. And I think my internet presence is already too split, so I may say farewell to LJ before too long. We'll see.
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ComplexMeme is now syndicated at [livejournal.com profile] complexmeme, so if you want to read my essays there, friend that.
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Climbing from Thursday:
Fingers in a Blender (v2-, failed)
Epic Journey (v0, passed)
SECAM (v0, failed)
(Unnamed Orange) (v0+, failed)
Short Stack (5.8, failed)

Also, I changed my mood theme to a Zero Punctuation one on a whim.
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If you have a GreatestJournal and I haven't friended you there (I'm l33tminion there as well), please comment and tell me so. (Note that I currently don't do much with that account, and I don't check that Friends page regularly. I just want to keep my options open.)


Jun. 17th, 2007 07:25 pm
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I've turned off anonymous comments again (this time due to comments like these). I'm well aware that I'm a horrible person, but I'm under too much stress to deal with this right now.

Man, I really hate myself sometimes. Everytime I meet a new group of people, I just manage to screw things up...
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I want to link to this essay, entitled How Six Apart's Greed Allied Them With Neo-Nazis, on the the recent mass banning (and subsequent apology and slightly-less-mass unbanning) and the resultant controversy. It's a good look at the conflict between a blogging service business's desire to make money and their desire to not anger their users by showing respect for free speech.

(Note: I'm not saying that Six Apart (the company that owns LJ) has any obligation to respect free speech, as they're a business, not the government. Nonetheless, too much disrespect for free speech could be bad for business, since bloggers generally don't like the threat of censorship, and it isn't too hard to go elsewhere.)

(Also, here's a link to an older version of the essay on LJ, in case you want to comment and you'd rather comment there.)
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Anonymous comments have been disabled for now. One of the IES students is spending quite a bit of time leaving disparaging comments on my journal. You'd think he'd have better things to do, but apparently not...

To the poster of the anonymous comments in question: I'd appreciate if we could talk about this in person. If we could find some way to tolerate eachother, that would be a lot better than the current state of affairs where we both annoy the living hell out of one another. I'm content to just avoid you, but we can't help having some of the same classes.
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In honor of the occasion, we watched Singles in FILM. It's a Korean film, a pretty good movie.

Oh, and thanks to the relevant person for this.


Aug. 6th, 2005 01:12 am
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I felt very fidgety today, but at least that was better than yesterday. (Despite the icon for this post, I didn't have an excessive amount of caffeine... well, not more excessive than usual, at any rate. Also, yes, I did get more icons; I'm a sucker for wasting money on the internet.) Work was all right, anime club was good, DDR afterwards was totally awesome.

A quick poll. A lot of my journal posts lately have just been rambling, without much of a focus. Since my blog is read (presumably) by other people, I was wondering what sort of posts you all want to read:

[Poll #546818]If you have other suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

A few links to share:

First, one on the natural gas peak in North America. According to Exxon (and this is from a while ago), this has already passed. (If you've heard politicians fussing about liquid natural gas (LNG) terminals, this is why.)

Second, two on the Shrub. One talks about his recent endorsement of Intelligent Design. On a related note, the second talks about how Bush thinks.

On a funny note, I found this response to the Intelligent Design story, suggesting that our existance would be better explained by the existance of a creator that is just plain dumb. (Although, to give credit where credit is due, that idea isn't new.)

I'm all for teaching DUH
in America's schools!

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Take the MIT Weblog Survey
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Well, my family arrives in town tomorrow. I don't know if I'll be online within the next few days (although I'll try to be on some), but I'll be off all of next week, as I'll be at Sandy Island Camp (I've gone there every year, except last year, since I was two).

A few more links to share:

One on Zarqari. Apparently, we don't want to leave Iraq to terrorists like him. On the other hand, apparently the administration could have taken him out before the Iraq war, but they let him get away. Now why would they have done that?

Scientists raise the dead. Muah! (Seriously, it's about cryogenic suspension, but I'm adding the "zombies" tag to this entry anyway.)

Finally, on the subject of everyone's favorite "scientific" non-theory, all praise the Flying Spaghetti Monster!
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Tags are nifty, although I'm not sure how useful they are. I tagged my archives anyways, just 'cause. I also set permissions so that friends can add tags to my entries. I doubt anyone would want to, but, hey, if you do, go right ahead...

My journal style got reset, and I ended up having to redo my customizations, which was a pain. Also, the entry preview isn't working for me anymore...

Ah, well, they'll work the bugs out soon enough.
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I meant to write yesterday, but I ended up not having time. At any rate, this cold sucks and I'm back to being buried by work again.

Some Oliners were playing a game of Mafia and the game concluded on Sunday, so that's back to normal too, although it was rather amusing to see everyone running around acting paranoid.

Also on Sunday, I got my hair cut by one of the other students (a burly man named Hans). You don't notice how much you appreciate not having hair hanging into your eyes until your hair is hanging into your eyes... But that's taken care of. W00t!

So, on to my topic. What do you guys think of all the ruckus surrounding Frienditto?

What it is:
1. You can use it to anonymously archive someone's public journal post.
2. You can use it to anonymously archive someone else's private post. To do this you must give them your LJ username and password. (The entry can be viewed by anyone on Frienditto.
3. Frienditto was used by LJ Drama to archive drama-causing posts.

1. That Frienditto violates copyright laws and privacy (not that people couldn't do that before, but Frienditto made it easier to do anonymously; also, that's not always the case (it would be perfectly legal to archive posts from my journal in that manner, for instance, as I licensed it on a whim)).
2. That Frienditto could be stealing usernames and passwords.

Recently, the site was vandalized and has subsequently been suffering from bandwidth trouble (the site is currently inactive). Also, an LJ community, [livejournal.com profile] ditto_cops, has been monitoring the situation with Frienditto. What do you people think?

(On an entirely unrelated note, I feel that I need to link to this excellent post.)
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One of the unusual things about Livejournal is the friendship system, which makes the meaning of "friend" a bit unclear.

I thinned my friends list, today. I don't think this will be any trouble, but if you have something to say, please feel free to speak up. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I removed following users:

[livejournal.com profile] agent_01101010: Friended me first, but no longer has me friended. Journal is no longer active according to the owner.

[livejournal.com profile] neoronin03: Friended me first (I think) but does not have me friended now.
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I was checking out LJ Drama and I encountered [livejournal.com profile] goldenplate, a truly excellent specimen of Trollus Anonymous. Take a look, but don't feed it. What causes a human to become a troll, I wonder... and why does this individual possess such exceptional strength and vigor?

Edit: Added link to specific LJ Drama post.
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Mystery hunting!

Played some DDR the past two days, too, but I haven't been particularly good... I'm still stiff and tired from my cold. I've been getting to sleep at a relatively reasonable hour (2 or 3 AM... eh, it's college...), but my body has apparently decided that I need 12 hours of sleep now, so I'm still sort of nocturnal (I woke up at 2:30 and the sun was setting by 4:30)...

Livejournal went down for a day... you guys probably all noticed. That was sort of odd, eh? I always view LJ as sort of a place... it's sort of an odd place that can simply disappear for a day, then return to existence as if nothing has happened...

I'm Done!

Dec. 21st, 2004 01:25 am
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I'm done with work for the semester! W00t!

(Also, for all the HP fans out there, I have this cryptic bit of news. The door is open.)

(And I have new userpics!)
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So I've taken some of my Hanukkah money and bought myself a paid LJ subscription:

[Poll #406038]
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