Aug. 29th, 2006

l33tminion: (Junpei)
Today was my last day of work. My internship started off rough (bureaucratic mixups, culture shock, sudden change of the project I was working on), but it ended pretty well. People were interested in my prototype, it looks like my project will be turned into something useful for IBM, I learned a ton, made some money, and my performance review was all right (not great, but all right).

Tomorrow evening, I head back to Olin. Thursday, I've got classes (*sigh*). I'm all packed, and my apartmentmates are clearing out, too. The apartment doesn't have internet anymore, so I'm writing this in the MIT arcade.

The past week has been pretty good. On Sunday, I saw 13 (Tzamati) (a film noir thriller) with the Boston Sunday Night Film Club (that was fun, it was a pretty good movie). On Monday, I listened to an acappella performance in Lobby 7 (the acoustical properties of that space are amazing, and the group performing was really talented).

What else did I do this week... I had some tea at Bojau (sp?), so I think I've eaten at every cafe in Davis Square (unless you think Dunkin Donuts is a "cafe"; I say they don't count). I ate some good Indian food. I went into Nick's Famous Roast Beef and had a small heart attack (it was tasty). I beat Saints Go Marching on Heavy. I continued reading the "Beggars" Trilogy by Nancy Kress (very good sci-fi).

All in all, I think this has been a pretty good summer.
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