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Yesterday, we wrapped up our NYC trip with a brief stop at the Met Museum, said hi to some Ingress acquaintances (also down from Boston), and took a beautiful train-ride home.

And then I realized that I'd failed to clear out the closet in the hotel room. Argh. (They have my misplaced garments, at least, it's just a matter of arranging shipping.)

Julie is trying to plan some startup-related business travel. Seems like it might be fun, but the logistics are stressful.

There was a big office reorganization at work while I was away (packed up my office just before I left), so today involved a fair amount of unpacking. New space seems good. Same building, different floor, shared office with a window (though the view is not as good as my previous office).

I'm up late now dealing with the backlog of laundry. Bed soon.
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I really want to get back into the habit of daily blogging, in large part because I've got better odds of remembering the interesting things that happened the same day, before the amnesia sets in and I forget all the details of what I've been doing for the last several weeks.

This week's been an exciting week because we're on vacation in New York City (scheduled around a conference trip for Julie). Saturday night, we went out for a fancy steak dinner at Gallagher's Steakhouse. Sunday, we had brunch with Aunt Ellen and Uncle Mark and my cousin Ben. Monday, we went out for dim sum and met up with Emmett for dinner at a Moroccan place in the East Village. Tuesday, Julie was at the conference, and I took Erica to the Children's Museum of Manhattan. Wednesday was also a conference day, Erica and I took a long leisurely walk, playing in the playground in Union Square Park and running around University Park. Thursday, we went to the Bronx Zoo in the afternoon and met up with my other cousin Ben and Melissa in the evening. They're expecting their first child in the fall, so we spent a lot of time discussing the logistical complications of city living with baby. Friday, we met up with Julie's friend Massey. Today is rainy, so we had breakfast in bed and a lazy morning in the hotel.

Erica is really having a tremendous time walking around New York. Her toddler obsession is definitely dogs, any time she sees one she becomes too excited to pronounce consonants, responding with excited gestures and shouts of "ah-ee!" (also, "woof!", "bow wow!"). There are lots of doggies for her to see around here. The tall buildings and crowds of people are similarly exciting, though the sheer number of new faces can make her a bit shy. (I love Eris' independent streak, but it's already sometimes alarming, so I'm glad she's not totally ready to bolt off without us.)

Eristic improvements: Counting (the first few natural numbers), walking fast, climbing over obstacles, drinking from a normal glass while holding it (limited), drinking from a straw, animal identification and sounds (limited).


Jun. 4th, 2016 11:31 am
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Last few weeks both work and home have been good, but very busy. I haven't had the wherewithal to get in more cooking. I need to get to baby-proofing the house quite soon. I caught a brutal but brief cold and am just now almost fully recovered.

One of the reasons things have been so tiring is that the kid is eating a lot. Her usual is ~800 ml at daycare between 8AM and 5PM, plus morning, afternoon, and evening feedings. So over a liter a day, maybe closer to 1.5L. Obviously this is a lot of work for Julie, but it's enough to keep me busy, too, with the logistics of washing and packing bottles and pumping supplies. The doctor advised Julie to pump before feeding the kid to increase milk production. We joke that Erica is now a Board Certified Lactation Consultant (while Erica's patented massage technique is effective, Julie wishes it was a little gentler).

Last weekend, we went to the Ingress event in Brooklyn on Satuday, and helped our team secure a victory. Then we spent the rest of the long weekend visiting family and friends.

This weekend, we're in Jupiter, Florida, visiting Julie's sister. Her parents are visiting as well. So Erica is getting a lot of quality time with extended family (our niece, Emilia, is super-excited to see her younger cousin).

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Life has been busy, but it's still a bit much to keep up with it all!

At work, it's performance-review time, I'm once again (1.5 years after my last unsuccessful effort) going up for promotion, and I think my case is strong this time. But explaining my work in a high-stakes way to a group of people who probably don't know anything about my work, well, that's way more stressful than doing my work is at the worst of times. Still, most of my work for that is done, and my actual-job work has been going well.

Last weekend, Julie and I went to NYC. Got a much-needed mini-vacation, got a bit of rest, ate some amazing food (Indian Road Cafe is a beautiful spot with an amazing brunch, the chicken and waffles at Sweet Chick was phenomenal, Puddin' continues to be my top candidate for the next fancy-desert trend, the sandwiches at Xe Máy were amazing, and Booker and Dax's cocktails set the standard for bartending-meets-mad-science). Was lovely to see Nikki and Emmett again, with time for actual conversation (last time I saw them was at the wedding, which was wonderful but a bit of a whirlwind). We saw the all-star-cast version of Waiting for Godot, excellent acting and a way weirder play than I remembered (and I remembered it as pretty strange). Missed Boston's St. Patrick's Day Parade (just as well), but managed to have some good beer.

Today, finished playing a run of Jenna Moran's awesome, meta-fictional (meta-ludological?) aptly-named tabletop game WTF with Xavid and Co. It was fun, and quite playable, even without the supplement (which we didn't need, but makes some amount of sense now that I've played the game).

Looking forward to another weekend.
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A few stories of interest:

The NYC AG has demanded a bunch of user data from Airbnb about those renting out units through the site, presumably as a prelude to some sort of crackdown. Seems like a disaster for Airbnb. They're fighting it as an overly broad request, but also publicly acting as if they assume it's just a crackdown on particularly bad actors, having nothing to do with the fact that vast swaths of their ordinary business is flagrantly illegal (not because it harms anyone, just due to the sort of industry regulation that lightly restrains with one hand and grants a permanent monopoly with the other).

South Dakota has been reeling from a serious snowstorm early and sudden enough to wipe out thousands of cattle. What a crazy disaster.

Federal authorities shut down the anonymous online black market known as Silk Road, arresting its founder for conspiracy to commit money laundering, narcotics trafficking, and conspiracy to commit murder. The story is fascinating from a security and law-enforcement perspective. I wrote about it a bit on ComplexMeme.
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Took a mini-vacation to NYC this weekend, which was fun. Saw some friends and family (Aunt Ellen and Uncle Mark and their family, also my other cousin Ben and his fiancée), ate bagels and borscht, visited The Cloisters, caught a photography exhibition done by one of my cousins, drank lots of coffee, talked a lot about weddings.

Wedding planning has begun in earnest. There are a lot of logistics to figure out, but even focusing on the big structure of where and when is a lot of work. Everyone's asking me if we've decided on a date, we're pinning that down as quickly as we can.
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Two weekends ago: Whale watching with Julie's lab cohort (quite a sight to see the humpbacks playing), Sunday brunch, saw Headhunters (suspense-thriller about a corporate headhunter who moonlights as an art thief, thought it was okay), gin and tonics made with Ethereal Gin (Batch 5) and Q Tonic, and a dinner in JP.

Last weekend: The American Craft Beer Festival (interesting and tasty), a trip to NYC with Julie to see some shows with her dad (a great small-box production of "The Fantasticks" and saw "The Book of Mormon" (hilarious, brilliant, and about as irreverent and lewd as you'd expect from anything by Parker and Stone)), and a fancy English tea.

This week: MIT commencement stuff!
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Last weekend, I took a jaunt to NYC with Julie. On Saturday, we ate amazing croissants in Harlem and caught up with a long list of acquaintances: Emmett (a high school friend and animator), his sister Clio (chef and pudding shop entrepreneur), [livejournal.com profile] kmo (podcaster and online acquaintence who I had the pleasure of speaking with in person for the first time) and Olga K. ([livejournal.com profile] kmo's girlfriend, also a podcaster), and one of Julie's college friends. On Sunday, we joined Nikki for brunch on the town and ventured to an out-of-the-way gallery in Brooklyn to see some unusual art.
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Yet another badly delayed entry. I blame the DDoS. Though that doesn't account for last week.

My whirlwind tour of NYC was awesome. I really enjoyed catching up with Emmett, spending time with Nikki, and even the shopping. Visited Odin (a nifty boutique that seemed like some sort of curated museum of fashion), Epaulet (similar feel, but not quite as good), Opening Ceremony (felt more like the Garment District except everything was new and designer and cost about a million dollars), Uniqlo (Japanese fast-fashion brand that everyone's heard about), and Onassis (Japanese fast-fashion brand that not everyone has heard about). Bought a few things, but my favorite purchase was my new jacket from Onassis, it looks pretty sweet.

Last weekend involved a pub crawl, spending time with Tara, getting half-stranded in Dorchester, a crazy birthday bash for [livejournal.com profile] zombie_dog (including the "transexual punk-rock zombie-movie masterpiece" Wild Zero (the DVD has a built-in drinking game!)), and dinner and ice cream with Olin friends (including David ([livejournal.com profile] seramir323), who was on spring break from his work teaching English in northern Japan (fortunately for him, up in the mountains)).

Tomorrow I'm seeing these guys about a suit. This weekend is Bar Camp.

Been trying to get to sleep earlier with limited success. But I seem to be waking up earlier at any rate.
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