Jan. 10th, 2006

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(Mornings? What mornings?)

Yesterday, I went to see King Kong. The movie is brilliant, in a way, although extremely cheesy. The acting is superb. And dinosaurs, man, dinosaurs. That movie has better dinosaur scenes than Jurassic Park. There's like a fifty-dinosaur pileup on Skull Island Route One! Seriously.

I've been reading a lot of random books, lately, but there's nothing in particular I feel like commenting on.

A few links:
  • Create an E-Annoyance, Go to Jail- New law extends telephone harassment legislation to make it illegal to annoy someone anonymously online. I guess I'll have to stick to annoying people in person, then. :-P
  • Is the budget deficit $319 billion or closer to $3 trillion? It depends how you count...
  • Apple is now using the Intel chip set.
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