Feb. 26th, 2006

l33tminion: (Bookhead (Nagi))
"Whatever is profound loves masks; what is most profound even hates image and parable. Might nothing less than the opposite be the proper disguise for the shame of a god?"

I'm still reading Beyond Good and Evil. That book is strange. Nietzsche is sometimes clear and pithy, sometimes cryptic and convoluted. I had to read some of the sections several times out loud before I could begin to grok what he was saying. Even then, I'm not certain how some pieces fit into the book as a whole.

Also, I finally finished Uncle Tom's Cabin. The thing that surprises me most about the book is the success with which Stowe pulls off the most contrived and over-the-top scenes. Overall, well written.

I've been working most of the weekend, but I was able to take time off for the crazy party last night (an interesting theme; much merriment; music, dancing, awesome people). Man, Olin has such an awesome party scene. Quality over quantity, any day.

(Also, two links: Mr. O'RLY waffling and some web 2.0 goodness.)
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