Mar. 1st, 2006

l33tminion: (Free Speech Zone)
Some of you may have heard about a deal that will turn control of 3 21 US ports over to a company in Dubai (a large share of that company is owned by the government of Dubai). My comments on that:

1. I don't dislike Dubai. They're out to make money (lots), but what country isn't? On the other hand, any oil exporting nation has interests that conflict with US national security. I don't think a business deal that gives a company with such conflicting interests control over our ports should be allowed.

2. Why is the Bush administration protecting this deal when it's so obviously unpopular? Republican support for unrestricted corporate action is only a small part of it. Mostly, it's about geography.

3. Conservatives are quick to call resistance to this deal racist and hypocritical, given liberals' resistance to racial profiling. As to the former, this is about economic interests that conflict with national security, not about race. As to the latter, the issues are very different. Racial profiling is about the civil rights of US citizens. This deal is about the property rights of foreign corporations.

4. As usual, I wish the administration didn't act so shady shadily. A bit of transparency would make them look much more trustworthy. (Unless, of course, they're actually not...)
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