Apr. 23rd, 2006

l33tminion: (Junpei)
It's been quite a busy week. On the plus side, I recovered from my cold. On the minus side, I almost immediately got sick again.

Yesterday, Roberto (one of the Smash-playing frosh) and I went to a Magic tournament (the Dissension prerelease). The games were pretty exciting. I won six in a row, then got trounced in my fourth match (still, a record of 3-1 was good enough for prizes). Roberto had the same record, loosing against the same guy as I did. (We didn't play eachother in the tournament, but we played a match with our tournament decks after the tournament was over. I pwn3d.)

Other highlights of the tournament: Randomly running into one of the Olin pre-frosh and randomly running into Yutaro (I don't think I've seen him since high school, although I'm not sure).

Unfortunately, I have yet to do anything productive this weekend...
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