Mar. 5th, 2006


Mar. 5th, 2006 10:46 pm
l33tminion: (Silly Dance)
Intercon was great! The games:

A Question of Faith: My character quit priesthood and become an apprentice to an innkeeper after wrapping up the rest of his plot. I call that a win.

A Tale of Time Travel: Time from game start to brainwashing: About two minutes. It didn't help that I started the game with the brainwashing device on my head.

Jamais Vue: Mass amnesia FTW. As it turns out, I was the killer, but I didn't know it until halfway through game.

Divus Ex: Greece: I played Hephaestus, but it was kind of boring. Zeus got killed, so it was my second game of the weekend with dead deities.

Wizards: Six schools of wizardry vie for control of the land after the last dragon dies. There were a few bugs because the game was new, but it was still a lot of fun. A group of players from Florida were cast as the white school of magic, and they were hilarious.

Contracts: Also a first run, but amazingly polished and very fun. My character started out hunted by demons, but I still managed to succeed at all of my plot. Lots of great scenes.

I'm watching the Oscars now, even though I have work to do. Because John Stewart wins.

(From earlier in the show, two of the presenters introduced themselves, saying, "I'm Meryl Streep," "And I'm Lilly Tomlin," and I did a double-take. I wouldn't be surprised if this was funny only to me.)

Oh, and cabbies are awesome.
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